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Sad Robot 1 (SR1) is the first robot from the Sad Robot Series and is the perfect introduction to basic programming, robotic assembly and open source software.

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Sad Robot 1 (SR1) is the first robot from the Sad Robot Series and is the perfect introduction to basic programming, robotic assembly and open source software.

SR1 comes either as an assembled product or is also available as a kit that you can put together yourself, and comes in Snow White, Pastel Pink, Ninja Grey and Aztec Gold.

Note: This item is the ASSEMBLED OPTION. For the kit option please see here.

The aim of this product is to explore the Arduino language and how it can be used to integrate a standalone processor (Arduino Nano), a sensor (vibration sensor) and a method for SR1 to give feedback to you (LCD screen). This project also explores the use of power at multiple voltages to accommodate the varied power requirements of the hardware.

Example code and software releases are available through the MadebyA2 official community. We hope you will come on board and help build our community!

Sad Robot 1 Product Details (Assembled Version)

If you like, you can alter the code and create your own version. Then upload to the on board memory and have your very own Sad Robot. You can even share your code with the Made by A2 community forum!

  • Code runs on an Arduino Nano board
  • 84 x 48 pixel LCD screen for displaying text, icons or custom graphics
  • Mini USB connection for modifying code (cable not included)
  • Vibration sensor for measuring activity
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Easy to assemble or dismantle
  • Dimensions: 11.5cm tread to head, 11.5cm arm to arm, 5.5cm front to back
  • Designed, manufactured, assembled, tested and packed in Sydney, Australia by MadebyA2

* Please note this product is manufactured in Sydney with a combination of PLA and ABS materials and is assembled by hand, by us. Please also note there could be slight variations in appearance from the photos including colour, artifacts, joinery and surface patterns. If you are not happy with your Sad Robot 1 please let us know and within 30days we will provide a full refund (please remember you will need to pay for the shipping back to us).

* Assembly videos are available on Youtube: Sad Robot 1 Assembly Tutorial Videos

Sad Robot 1 Software Details

The Sad Robot 1 runs on open source software and relies on the MadebyA2 community to share and develop software versions. This product will come with instructions and basic code examples to get you used to modifying and uploading code to the onboard memory.

Whilst there is currently no official software released for SR1, this will be released through the MadebyA2 community in the coming months. Everyone will have an opportunity to contribute to the first official software release and will be credited in the software.

With the release of the first official version we would like SR1 to showcase the following:

  • SR1 displays his level of happiness on his small screen
  • Over time, if not played with, he begins to feel sad
  • Just pick him up, play with him, and watch his happiness increase!

With future official software releases we endeavor to highlight what can be achieved with the hardware carried by SR1. Future hardware upgrades will also enhance our interaction with SR1.

MadebyA2 Community

The place for you to learn, share and interact with other MadebyA2 peeps is at and we’re waiting for you to come and join! Please feel free to hangout in the community. We want you to feel at home asking questions, sharing your discoveries and helping out others in the community.

Sad Robot Series

SR1 is the first in the Sad Robot Series. While SR2 is just around the corner he has not been officially released yet. One thing is for sure though, all of our friends in the Sad Robot Series will feature both a mechanism for interaction (generally in the form of a sensor) and feedback (in the form of a screen or output component).

Support, Warranty and Repairs

Please make use of our resources at our community site where you can read all kinds of enquiries. If yours is a new support request you can open a new thread and we’ll be nearby to help out. For all warranty and repairs enquiries please visit

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Snow White, Pastel Pink, Ninja Grey


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