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What is Made by A2?

Made by A2 is a 2017 startup focused on helping people contribute to innovation in Australia. We provide robotic kits, tutorials and an online community for learning and sharing code.

Our About Us page pretty much sums it up; innovation, robotics, tutorials and an online community.

Made by A2 is a robotics startup. We develop and distribute robotic kits to help introduce and advance robotics. We support innovation through offering a range of diverse products and an online community to share and learn.

How was Made by A2 Born?

I have always had a love of electronics and dreams of the stars. My earliest memory of “playing” with toys was pulling apart the shells of toys and peeking inside and see what made that object work. Whilst this mostly led to broken toys it started my fascination with electronics and to this day I still love dismantling.

After a mixed career; music composition, teaching English in China, corporate telecommunications, manufacturing and customer service, I decided robotics is the future. Robotics is my future.

Sad Robot 01

Sad Robot 1 (SR1)

I wanted to start at the basics, building robots from the ground up. And so this is why Sad Robot 1 (SR1) came to be. The first of the Sad Robot Series, SR1 was my first robot. Designed purely in Fusion360, in parts that could be quickly manufactured and distributed as a kit. The purpose was to introduce coding on an Arduino Nano with as little components as possible; a sensor to capture interaction from a user, and an LCD screen to output responses from SR1.

From the beginning I have seen robotics as an interaction. They see us, and we see them.

Where Does the Name Made by A2 Come From?

Made by A2 is named after my two sons Ash and Austin; two of our next young innovators. We grow up inspired by the great innovators of the past and have a galaxy of a pallet to work with. It is up to us to paint our ideas.

Everything is Made. Made by science, made by nature, made by us. The Made by A2 name embodies this and so does its philosophy. Our journey is to show that ideas can be made, innovation can be made, success can be made.

Where To for Made by A2?

Robotics is at a very exciting time and the future holds a wealth of innovative opportunities. With the growth in smart homes and home automation, drones and aerial photography, machine learning and cloud computing, there is an array of affordable systems to work with.

Made by A2 is part of that journey, bringing together multiple disciplines; electronics, music, education, communications, art and design, manufacturing and collaboration.

It is in amazing time to be part of this exciting journey and I look forward to sharing, collaborating and working with you!


MadebyA2 Founder

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